The X PRIZE Foundation is a non-profit organization that attempts to solve current world problems by organizing large-scale inventing competitions. And now, they have put up a $10 million prize for someone "to develop a mobile solution that can diagnose patients better than or equal to a panel of board certified physicians." Sound familiar? If you recognize the description, you're a geek. Its a tricorder from "Star Trek". And the X Prize Foundation is well aware of what they are asking, calling the competition the "Tricorder X Prize".

The X PRIZE Foundation is teaming up with Qualcomm to bring together experts in technology usability, wireless sensors, cloud computing and mobile health to help kick-start necessary technological advances to make this a reality.  Intentions for this device include regular consumer use, where anyone without medical training can scan their own injury or someone else's, and deduce the best course of action. This will not guide someone through complicated medical procedures, but explain what can be done until they are able to seek medical attention, if necessary.  This would also allow consumers to have more control over their own medical expenses by avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor, also allowing doctors' time to be spent on more serious situations.

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Jr., son of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry, is obviously very happy to see this kind of contest going forward.

"It is great to see two amazing organizations -- the X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm -- bring the technology of Star Trek to life and make the Tricorder a reality for people everywhere."

The X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm hope to have a general design for the Tricorder completed by the end of the year, with the competition for a finalized version taking place throughout 2012.