New London, Connecticut, turned on the water to a new fountain last month. Not just any fountain, an $11 million fountain. In the shape of a whale’s tail, it was intended to be for children to run and play in, but instead it’s become a toilet for vagrants in the area. As a result, officials have been forced to shut the fountain down.

In fact, it’s not just urination that’s the problem. In addition to that, vagrants have been showering in the water and defecating there as well. Additionally, a man fell down a set of stairs in the plaza. He got a head wound in the fall and his blood ran into the fountain. City officials are concerned about the water quality because so much human waste has been going into it.

What started as a great idea to beat the heat has instead become a nightmare for public officials. Due to safety reasons, the fountain has been turned off indefinitely until they can figure out how to keep the vagrants out.

I don’t have a suggestion for the good people of New London, but I can say that restrooms are there for a reason. Oh, and $11 million for a fountain? You’d think for that much, the fountain would clean and sanitize itself!