I saw this survey and had to comment on it. Check out the survey results and see if you would do the same.

The survey found 51% of fans say they'd keep their wedding plans without any changes if their team had a huge game the same day.  But the rest would make some alterations.

25% would keep the date and broadcast the game during the reception.

7% would keep the date but change the time around the game.

And 14% would actually change their wedding date.

Okay my problem with this is that if you are such a college football fan, WHY are you getting married during the season? The schedule is out early enough for you to plan out. So you don't know about if your team will make a bowl game or not? OK then that is only November, December, or the beginning of January. You have nine other months to plan your wedding.

If anyone is wondering I will be getting married in March. NFL season is over, MLB has not started, NBA and NHL are not in the playoff run yet. In case you haven't noticed with my posts I am a huge sports fan. It runs in my family. My uncle and new aunt to the family just named their son with the initials BCS for college football. Trust me there would be no wedding during Sooner season. (Eric the Intern does not root for the Sooners)