Even now magazines and websites create hundreds of test each year that allows you to rate how far in love you might just be. How surprising would it be to learn that this has been going on since at least the 1920s and maybe even earlier? Not very. I wouldn't be surprised to find cave drawings that resemble a test like this since even cave women must have needed someway to judge how much their man loved them.

Well the Smithsonian hasn't found a cave drawing like this, but they have dug up a 1924 edition of "Science and Invention" magazine and in it was a love test that based your love in four different categories. So do you think your love is strong enough to survive in the 1920s? Why not find out.

Are you deeply physically attracted?

The author says that physical attraction is THE most important element for a marriage. So he'd test whether a couple got shortness of breath or a fast heartbeat when they looked at each other.

How sympathetic are you?

In this test, each person would watch the other one go through something mildly traumatic, like giving blood. And they'd be tested on whether they had strong physical reactions to seeing the other person in pain.

Can you deal with each other's body odor?

This is great, the author says he believes more marriages are destroyed by bad body odor than any other reason.

Do you balance each other out in stressful situations?

For this test, the author would surprise the couple by firing a gun into the air. He wanted to make sure one person had a more nervous reaction than the other, to show balance.

So do you think you and your significant other could pass this test?