Wow, I am just having one reminder after another about my "other home", Albuquerque, NM.  Yesterday it was a story about a New Mexico State Trooper, but the story was a little too risque, so I posted it with our sister station 106.3 The Buzz (click the link if you dare).

First, it was a story from my "other home".  Second, it was from the TV station my wife worked at while we lived there.  Third, its the TV station that former KAUZ anchor Heather Mills now works at.  After posting that link to my facebook page (click the link if you dare), and remarking how a story like that makes me think of my "other home", I've been getting videos and links from my Albuquerque crew of other reminders of home.

This one made me laugh because I've been in that position before where you're live, but your equipment just will not cooperate.  This video is from KIDK in Idaho Falls, but the anchor, Tommy Noel, was in many of my Broadcasting classes at the University of New Mexico.  The story goes that just moments before the morning show went live, the weather computer started glitching.