I have a confession to make. I'm one of those people who carry a phone charger with them and constantly ask if I can steal some electricity. It happens in bars, cars, and at friends homes. It's pretty annoying (to me and to others) but I don't have time to leave my phone plugged in at home for an hour when I'm supposed to be somewhere, and I can't let it die (I may be getting an important call or e-mail) and not be connected. The constant search for an available outlet is my life's curse.

Well, if you are like me, the answer to our problem could be way closer than we ever imagined! A start up company from Tel-Aviv named StoreDot has developed new technology to make charging faster. They just come out with a prototype device that will fully charge your phone in only 30 seconds. After research in the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University, they came out with a new type of battery for a Samsung Galaxy 4.

Right now, the demo product is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, so it's not practical  for normal mobile users, but they have more developments coming. In the video below you can see what the product looks like and see the quick charge in real time. They hope to have the new batteries ready and available for commercial production by 2016 and estimate cost to be about two times what a normal charger would run you back.

Even though we have a couple years before it's available, it's good to know that there is a bright future for cord carriers like me. Looking forward, we can liberate ourselves from the open outlet. We can metaphorically and physically cut the cord. We can be free...to take more selfies!