I would gladly choose my computer over my TV any day! And here are 5 reasons why: My top 5 horribly hilarious music videos. Thanks to sites like Youtube.com we can point and laugh at literally millions of videos. Combine that with Facebook, email and other networking options, some of the best and worst videos live on forever. Well, at least as long as the internet anyways. Just for fun, I compiled 5 of my personal favorite music videos that are guaranteed to make me laugh when I watch them. And there are a lot more where these came from too!

  • 1

    'Crying At The Discoteque' by Alcazar

    Wow...and this song was a HUGE hit!

    Believe it or not, this song, by Swedish group Alcazar, was a worldwide hit and charted as high as #44 in the U.S! So what's more ridiculous, the dancers wearing the animal heads or the shiny metallic suit the guy (Andreas Lundstedt) is wearing?

  • 2

    'Mother' by Mr T

    Great message but hilarious video!

    Okay, yes this song has a GREAT message, but man, it is horrible! Hilariously horrible. This song actually fits Mr T as he credits his success to his mother's love. This song has too many parts to pick as the funniest, but it does crack me up that he stashed the microphone in the back of his super tight shorts...

  • 3

    'Making Love Out of Nothing At All' by Air Supply

    Hahaha! Bad...just bad!

    More proof that no one had any clue on what to do in a music video during the 80's. Horrible acting, bad special effects and possibly a drunk director make this video a favorite one of mine to watch for a laugh.

  • 4

    'Tanuk Tanuk Tun' by Daler Mehndi

    I think this guy was trying for the 'The Wiggles' look in this video...

    I stumbled across this song when I tried out 'World Of Warcraft' (don't judge me). All of the characters do a dance if you want them to and this video inspired one of those dances. I have no clue what Daler's saying, but his outfits and dance moves just can't be matched! Don't laugh too hard though, his first album sold over 20 million copies...

  • 5

    'Elektronik - Supersonik' by Zlad

    Video Hilarious, now Offblast!

    Okay, so this one may seem to be more of a video for pure comedy versus a really bad music video for a legitimate song, but it still cracks me up. I wish I had more to tell you about Zlad, but I couldn't really find anything about him. So if you do know something, spread the wealth of knowledge.