When you’re throwing a party or headed to one, you want to be remembered. Hopefully it’s not because the cops are called to the door because you made a fool of yourself. Some products make the party a lot more fun, so before you throw your next bash or head to a friend’s house, grab some of these products to make yourself the life of the party!


iBottle Opener – The Functional iPhone Case

What good is that fancy bottle of beer you purchased if you can’t get it open? You could go scrounging in the drawer to find a bottle opener, but that’s not nearly as much fun as pulling your phone out of your pocket and getting the job done. For just 18.95 through Boozingear you can have a bottle opener at your fingertips, and you can bet your friends will be asking where they can get their own.

American Tailgater

Magnetic Beer Cozies

A must for when you’re tailgating and don’t want to put your beer on the ground. Not only do they keep your beverages cold, they’ll draw attention from those tailgating around you. Let’s just hope you’ve picked the right team logo. American Tailgater offers a variety of colors and teams, including bottle cozies in camo or flames.

Restoration Hardware

Disposable Flasks

These flasks are perfect for attending a those events where you’d like to bring your own alcohol but still be discreet about it. The plus side to disposable flasks is that they’re just that – disposable. You won’t be out your favorite flask if building security finds your stash. For just $15 through Restoration Hardware you get a set of three, so I think it’s about time to start filling!


XL Wine Glass

Forget those little wine glasses that only hold a few sips, this baby lets you drink the entire bottle with class! It holds an entire 750 ml bottle of wine, but all everyone else will see is how awesome your oversize glass is. Well, that’s all they’ll see at first, but they’ll eventually laugh about you drinking an entire bottle. Amazon has it on sale for just $10.50, so drink away!


The Party Cart

Are you kidding me? This may be the coolest cooler ever. If you’re using one anyway, why not make it a functional cooler? This baby comes complete with seats and folds out to give you a place to put your munchies and beer. To make things even better, it’s not just a cooler, it’s also a warmer! The 10-gallon set-up comes in three colors and folds up nicely, plus you can customize it. Unfortunately there isn’t a price listed, but you can get it through PartyCart.