and Prevention Magazine have broken down 6 food myths that everyone should know.

1.  Drinking Water helps you lose weight?
- This one is MILDLY true. Scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found that test subjects on a low calorie diet who drank two cups of water before each dinner lost 4.5 pounds more than low calorie dieters who didn't drink the water. Basically, drinking water before a meal fills your stomach and causes smaller meals, but it isn't a miracle fat burner.

2. French Fries (and other greasy foods) give you zits?
- Again, only MILDLY true. It isn't the consumption of the food that causes zits, but your greasy fingers coming into contact with your face. Scientists have found that certain vegetable oil can worsen pre-existing acne.

3.  White flour is bleached with dangerous chemicals?
- Yes, the flour is bleached, but the chemicals are non-toxic. Flour is naturally white after weeks of exposure to oxygen, but to speed up the process they use chemicals that are used to sanitize veggies. Alloxan, which has been known to cause diabetes in animal testing, is sometimes a byproduct of the procedure, but the levels are negligible.

4.  Carrots help improve your eyesight?
- Improve, no. Maintain health, yes. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, but so are sweet potatoes, pumpkins and spinach. A balance of Vitamin A with other essential nutrients help maintain eye health, but there's no miracle ingredient that makes your glasses obsolete.

5.  Eating after dark packs on the pounds?
- Kinda sorta. There is no lunar effect on eating and weight gain. However, out of boredom, people are prone to overeat at night and then go to bed, which causes the calories to be stored as fat. Experts suggest not eating two hours before bed.

6. Sugar causes diabetes.
- Not directly. By that statement, steak and potatoes cause diabetes too. High sugar intake leads to weight gain which then leads to diabetes.