In 2007, Warner Bros. premiered the first 6 minutes of "The Dark Knight" with the IMAX screenings of "I Am Legend".  The pre-title bank heist scene was one of several action scenes shot in IMAX for "The Dark Knight", and was a huge success is generating hype for the film.  Unfortunately for Warner Bros., they do not have an IMAX release for this holiday season.

Knowing the draw of premiering 6 minutes of the highly anticipated Batman film, Paramount Pictures has agreed to allow the footage to be shown before the IMAX editions of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol".  The film will have its IMAX debut on December 16th, 5 days before it is released in standard theaters.

So far this has not been confirmed by Paramount or Warner Bros., and was originally rumored to be an 8 minute clip, but several independent sources as well as sources within theater distributors have reportedly confirmed the story.

via /film