Last week David Hasselhoff was in the news because a crab in the Antarctic is being named after him. This week, another celebrity is in the news for something similar. Beyonce is having a fly named after her.

It’s a horse fly, and is described as having a “glamorous golden rear end” and is the “all-time diva of flies.”

It’s a rare species that’s been around for a while but has been unnamed. First discovered in 1981, it’s being written about along with two other flies by a researcher by the name of Bryan Lessard in Australia.

"It was the unique dense golden hairs on the fly's abdomen that led me to name this fly in honor of the performer Beyonce as well as giving me the chance to demonstrate the fun side of taxonomy — the naming of species," Lessard said in a statement.

There’s no word from Beyonce’s camp as to what the songstress thinks about having a fly named after her.