Ahhhh, Craiglist. Where else can you shop for a refrigerator AND a midget performer that does children's birthday parties? Sometimes, just for fun, I like to head over to the local Wichita Falls Craigslist site and see whats for sale! I think the slogan, "One man's junk, is another man's treasure", may be taken a little bit too far in certain cases on Craigslist, and these 7 things are no exception.

  • 1

    Old Anesthesia Bag - $30 (Wichita Falls)

    Really? I can think of only two types of buyers for an old anesthesia bag: Anesthesiologists looking for some nostalgia to decorate their office, or someone who's building a serial-killer starter kit.  I mean look at that thing.  If that doesn't creep you out, I'm not sure what would. Imagine how many people have died with that thing capturing their last breath? Hey, but for $30 bucks it's a steal, right?

  • 2

    6 Size 36C Bras Great Like New Condition - $15 (Wichita Falls )

    Is it just me, or do YOU NEVER BUY USED UNDERWEAR, no matter how "like new" it is? Look, I know boobs sweat, especially underneath. Don't ask me how, I just know. Do you REALLY want to walk around stewing with somebody else's floppy Ta Ta sweat especially just to save a couple of bucks. Now, before you say I'm a snob, I have bought used clothing, but never something as personal as a bra.

  • 3

    Wagon Axles - $100 (Bowie)

    I know I can never find the right axles for my wagon, thank God for Craigslist! Seriously, I realize that somewhere, maybe in some dusty corner of Texoma, there is a wagon somewhere that desperately needs axles because Ma has to get supplies in town.  However, look at the rust on those bad boys! They look like they barely made it through the Oklahoma land rush.  I think I'll pass.

  • 4

    Leather Dog Collar $30 (Wichita Falls)

    Am I the only one thinking that this wasn't for this sellers "dog"? I think I have actually seen that collar in a video I walked in on our Digital Managing Editor watching when he was supposed to be working.  Anyway, if you want to put an actual dog in that collar, you are either Michael Vick, or a Hell's Angel.

  • 5

    Virgin Mary Blanket $20 (Wichita Falls)

    Nothing says, "Hey, I'm religious!" like covering your shivering body up in a Virgin mMary Blanket!  Forget the Snuggie... This things suitable for mass! Be the envy of ALL you friends and family by covering yourself with the image of the Blessed Virgin!  Note to the user: if you and the hubby are going to get amorous, please turn Mary face down.  Also, wash only on gentle.

  • 6

    Unique Colored Rocks - $1 (Wichita Falls)

    You know what? my collection of colored rocks has been diminishing over the last several years.  It's time to get some more... I'm just kidding.  I don't really understand the point of the rocks. There's not enough of them to actually do anything like decorate a flower bed. They are obviously not any kind of "valuable" rock, so what's the point? The sad thing is that somewhere their is someone thinking to themselves, "Hey, I need some colorful rocks!"

  • 7

    Two Porcelain Bedpans - $9 (Wichita Falls)

    His and her bedpans, how cute. Remember, I am the guy that thought the used bras were gross. This is absolutely taking it too far. Although, there is something to be said about not having to get up in the middle of a movie to go to the bathroom. Good luck with these. BTW, do you take BC/BS?