A website called Hunch.com polled over 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were cat people or dog people.  And they also asked a bunch of weird questions to find out how they're different.

It turns out they have a few things in common:  They both tend to talk to animals, including cats AND dogs.  They're both just as likely to have a college degree.  And they both hate shirts and sweaters that have pictures of animals on them.

Now, here are eight weird ways cat people and dog people different:

  • 1

    Dog People Like Paul McCartney.

    They're 18% more likely to say he's their favorite Beatle. While cat people are 25% more likely to pick George Harrison.
    Rob Kim/Getty Images
  • 2

    Cat People Like to Tweet.

    According to the poll, they're 10% more likely to use Twitter than dog people are.
    flickr user OR4N6E
  • 3

    Dog People Are 30% More Likely to Enjoy Slapstick Comedy and Impressions.

    Cat people are 21% more likely to enjoy irony and puns.
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
  • 4

    Dog People Like Zoos.

    They're 9% more likely to think of them as "happy" places.
    flickr user F.d.W.
  • 5

    Cat People Are More Introverted.

    They're 14% more likely to stay close to their friends at a party.
    flickr user Mike Knell
  • 6

    Dog People Are 11% More Likely to Support Cloning

    But only for animals.
    flickr user Tundra Ice
  • 7

    Cat People Are More Educated.

    They're 17% more likely to have a graduate degree.
  • 8

    Dog People Have Trendier Ringtones.

    They're 36% more likely to use a pop song.
    Mario Tama/Getty Images