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92.9 NIN’s iPod Shuffle – Random Songs That Made It Into Our Mp3 Players

(Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Ever wonder what the NIN staff listens to when they aren’t at the station?

Going around Facebook and other social networking sites is the post where you hit shuffle on your iPod/mp3 player and write down the first ten songs that come up.  Taking that idea one step further, we’ve asked the NIN crew to do the same, but add a little explanation as to why he/she likes the song enough to download it.  Here’s a little insight into their own musical tastes.

Not familiar with one of the songs listed?  Click on it for a youtube video.  You can also click the DJ’s name for their Facebook/NIN page.


Little Meg

  1. Katy Perry – Ur So GayI just love Katy! this obviously didn’t get any radio play, i wish it did. just a fun & funny little song.
  2. Linkin Park – FaintOne of my favorites!  Love the “I can’t faint, don’t turn your back on me, I won’t be ignored” screaming part.
  3. Natasha Bedingfield – SoulmateAs a single woman, this song really hits me in gut “who doesn’t love for someone to hold…somebody tell me why I’m on my own, if there’s a soulmate for everyone”–man!
  4. Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Off his “Play” album.  I love, love, love this album!
  5. U2 – New Year’s DayMy boys!  I’ve seen them in concert five times and just love their music, their message, how it makes me feel.  I actually pulled up U2’s “Miss Sarajevo live version for a few of my friends the other day so they could hear the song that makes me cry every time.
  6. The Silhouettes – Get A Job. Off the Stand By Me Soundtrack.  I appreciate a good soundtrack & this was such a coming-of-age movie for me back in the day.
  7. Pink – Ave Mary AHer Funhouse album is so great! while this isn’t my favorite song off the album, i love the passion in her voice while she sings. I love Pink for her goofiness but equally love how she can soften up & be feminine.
  8. Madonna – The Power of GoodbyeLove her “Ray of Light” album! I wore this album out!
  9. Maroon 5 – Just a FeelingOff the “Hands All Over” album.  Hmm, not that familiar with this one! : )
  10. The Killdares – Farewell to DecorumLOVE LOVE LOVE this band! Celtic Rock band out of Dallas & coming back for Hotter ‘n Hell for the fourth year! Their bagpipper & fiddle player are just amazing and everyone in the band is just so darn nice and you can tell they LOVE performing! Even in HHH temps outside under a tent! I always leave their show with red, throbbing hands from clapping so much! Other good tracks off the “Any Given Element” album is Everybody Love A New Beginning, September & A Trip to Miss.


Chris Callaway

  1. Jimmy Buffet – A Pirate Looks At FortyI have lived this song.  I like all Jimmy Buffet, for the most part, but this is my favorite.  (I am a Parrothead)
  2. The Runaways – Cherry BombHow do you not like Joan Jett, Lita Ford AND Cherie Currie? Girls behaving badly.
  3. Johnny Cash – Cocaine Blues. It was recorded live at Folsom Prison in 1968.  Joaquin Phoenix did an OK cover of it in “Walk The Line”, but you can’t beat the original.
  4. Metalica – Fade To BlackThe ultimate, true metal ballad IMO.
  5. Turandot by Puccinni (Performed by the Three Tenors) – Nessun DormaIf you only know 1 opera aria, this is the one to know.  So powerful and moving.
  6. Prince – P**** Control.   Definitely NOT one of his mainstream hits, but anybody who has ever been to a nightclub knows this song.
  7. Warren G – RegulateRegulators….. MOUNT UP!!!
  8. Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGeeArguably THE BEST female voice in the history of recorded music.  You can hear every twinge of emotion in her voice.
  9. Janet Jackson – IfNot her biggest song ever, but this 1995 hit gets me fired up.
  10. Charlie Daniels – Long Haired Country BoyEVERYBODY has some inner red-neck… Me included.


Tony Kerns

  1. KISS – Goin’ BlindI was in college and caught a documentary on KISS on VH1.  I had known about KISS, but never really listened to their music.  After watching the documentary, I was fascinated and decided to look into their music.  After buying “Destroyer” and “Revenge”, I was hooked.  This track is from their MTV Unplugged special, which, in my opinion, next to Nirvana is the best Unplugged MTV ever did.  I’ve seen them in concert twice and can’t wait for number three!
  2. Rob Zombie – Spookshow BabyI bought “Hellbilly Deluxe” after seeing the video for “Dragula” on late night MTV back when they still played videos.  I expected to buy the whole CD just for the one track, but was pleasantly surprised when I found this track.  Was mildly disappointed when he didn’t play this the year we went to Ozzfest, but it was still an amazing show.
  3. Beach Boys – God Only Knows. I’ve been a life-long Beach Boys fan and this was always one that put a smile on my face.  I feel like it’s the perfect song to express how a hopeless romantic feels about their significant other.  Its use in the end of “Love Actually” inspired my wife and I to use this song as the first song played immediately after we took our vows and were announced as Husband & Wife.
  4. Pink – Raise Your Glass. I’ve loved Pink since “Lady Marmalade”.  Heard this for the first time when we played it on the station, watched the video in the studio that night, and then downloaded it as soon as I got home.
  5. Team Unicorn – Geek and Gamer GirlsThis song totally reminds me of my wife and it’s the song that made the geek parody popular.  Though I love Katy Perry, I prefer this version to “California Gurls”.  It takes a few listens to catch all of the geek references, such as “Brown coats represent, we aim to misbehave,” from “Firefly”.  Also, I love the line “We all know that Han shot first!”
  6. Chris Cornell – You Know My Name. When “Casino Royale” came out, I was very skeptical.  I wasn’t a fan of Daniel Craig at the time and was worried this would be the death of one of my favorite movie series.  After an intense opening sequence, Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” kicked off with an amazing animated sequence.  The lyrics of the song were a perfect representation of the character of James Bond and within a minute of the song I looked at my wife and said I had a new favorite Bond theme.
  7. Beatles – SomethingIt’s just a beautiful song from the genius mind of George Harrison.  For so long, a lot of people, including Frank Sinatra, incorrectly gave credit for writing this to John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  Like “God Only Knows”, this is another song for the hopeless romantics and was at my wedding.
  8. Jose Gonzalez – Far Away“Red Dead Redemption” is one of the top three video games I’ve ever played, and this song fit so beautifully with the old west setting.  Whenever you play a game, you want to just play with no distractions.  But when this song starts up, I just put the controller down and let it play through before I start playing again.
  9. MC Lars – Download This SongI had no idea who MC Lars was before he opened for Bowling For Soup the last time they played Wichita Falls.  30 seconds into the song, I was hooked.
  10. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now. This is a song that hypes me up every time I listen to it.  Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest front men in rock history and the pace of this song is fantastic.  And apparently, you can defend yourself from a zombie by beating it with pool cue to the beat of this song (one of the best moments from “Shaun of the Dead”).


Joe Cayden

  1. Alice in Chains – Man in the Box. One of  my favorites from the band.  Layne Staley was the man.
  2. Van Halen – Hot for TeacherBy far my favorite track from 1984. The drum intro can NEVER be topped.
  3. Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst into FireThe axe work from this gruesome twosome, melodic chaos. its great!
  4. The Beatles – Hold Your HandIts The Beatles. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Derek & the Dominoes – Bell Bottom BluesNobody can touch Slowhand on a strat. Reminds me of young love, so complicated!
  6. Anthrax – Random Acts Of Sensless Violence. Old school thrash to get the blood flowing.
  7. Deftones – Change(in the house of flies). I have always thought of Deftones being a huge influence in my guitar playing, they have such a unique sound.
  8. B.B King – Why I Sing the BluesThey dont make music like they used too. Or guitar players for that matter!
  9. Down – Stone the CrowNOLA was a hit album and all there music rocks, even Phil after Pantera.
  10. Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights – SlowtrainA track off of there debut album and when I saw them live for the first time, they ROCKED this song!


Bethany Lee

  1. Lacuna Coil – Swamped.  I love this one because Andrea Ferro can SING.    There’s something about this song that I find haunting and beautiful.
  2. Bear McCreary – The Shape of Things to Come. Bear McCreary is a musical genius.  He’s young, only around 30, yet he headed the music for the entire Battlestar Galactica series.  This song was also used as my wedding march in lieu of Canon in D. Yes, my husband and I are dorks.
  3. Pink – So What.    Pink is awesome! When I listen to her it always cheers me up. When she first came into the music scene I wasn’t really into her music, but I’ve really come to enjoy her stuff.
  4. Stone Sour – Say You’ll Haunt Me.    Never mind the fact that Corey Taylor is hot, the man has an impressive vocal ability.  I liked this song the first time I heard it, but I’ve also been a fan of Stone Sour for several years.
  5. Slipknot – Duality.    Yes, I’m moving from one Corey Taylor band to another, but both bands deserve attention.  Slipknot is a bit creepy when you see them perform, but they’re a huge musical group.  When you can have harmony with that many members, I’m impressed.
  6. Sia – Breathe Me.   I first heard this song during the last episode of Six Feet Under, a series that used to air on HBO.  I loved it so much that I searched for it until I found it, and when I did, I was hooked.
  7. Portishead – Strangers.    This is a very unique group and I could listen to them all night.  I suggest playing Portishead when you’re alone with your significant other if you’re feeling frisky.  I like listening to them while driving, but there’s also something very sexy about their music…
  8. Nine Inch Nails – Into the Void.   I’m usually impressed with pretty much anything from Trent Reznor.  This is a song that builds and builds, and I especially like listening to it if I’m going on a walk.
  9. Drowning Pool – Tear Away.   I probably play this one a bit too loud in my car.  Because I don’t care about anyone else but me. Or at least, that’s what people may think if they hear me playing it.
  10. Sarah McLachlan – Stupid.   There’s a lot of music by Sarah that I like, but this one grabs me for some reason.  I can listen to it over and over, even though it’s song about infidelity.


Kory King

  1. Lil Wayne ft. T Pain – Got MoneyDespite the fact I rarely listen to some wheezy on purpose, I like this tune for several reasons.  Probably the biggest is that the opening line is “I need a Winn Dixie bag of money to the VIP section.”  If only I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that! Secondly, this tune is perfect for those nights when you’re headed out on the town and need some music to get rambunctious to.
  2. Weezer – SlaveAll the cool kids had a Weezer phase.  Mine comes back weekly.
  3. Alice Cooper – Devil’s FoodMy mother never cared too much for my dad playing me Alice when I was young, and in retrospect the end of this song is probably a good example of why.  Never the less, this album is both nostalgic and pure, good old fashion “devil” music before it started getting too angry.
  4. Jekyll and Hyde – PrologueAs an active local musician I used to play in the band/orchestra for lots of the local shows at both the Wichita and Backdoor theaters.  I was proud to be a part of the 2010 production of J&H at the backdoor.  If you haven’t been to a local production before, I think the amount of home-grown talent around here would really surprise you.
  5. Chick CoreaBlue BossaWhile I enjoy modern and “popular” music, normally it’s jazz albums that fill my stereo speakers when I get home for the night.  This particular recording is probably some of the most epic scatting I’ve ever heard.
  6. The Decemberist – The Wanting Comes in WavesThe Decemberist are one of my all-time favorite bands.  This song is from a gap-less album released in 2009 that is really sort of a rock opera.  If you dig Floyd, Stix, Queen, Yes, The Black Keys, or any sort folk music – you’ll probably really dig what the Decemberist are all about.  The album takes about an hour to listen to from start to finish, but I highly recommend it to music-lovers.
  7. Dave Brubeck – Blue Rondo A La TurkThis tune single-handedly got me hooked on Brubeck, who would later become one of my idols at the piano. Crazy to me that the guy just had pace maker surgery and is still out playing this stuff at 90-something years old. I know time is running out, but Brubeck is one of the people I would like to see perform most if given the chance.
  8. Ben Folds – TrustedAnother one of my all-time favorite artist and idols at the piano. I recently saw him live for the third time performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. You may know him as a judge from one of those TV singing shows, although there’s too many for me to remember which one.
  9. Randy Newman – I Want You to Hurt Like I Do. My love for Randy Newman is a lot like my appreciation for Young Weezy, just a bit more genuine.  To me Newman is not only a great piano player, but also the perfect amount of crazy. He’s the kind of crazy that isn’t afraid to seem crazy when he writes too candidly about society and human condition.  Despite writing the theme for Toy Story, he’s also really ironic and offensive, which are a couple of my pastimes as well.
  10. Say Anything – Shiksa (Girlfriend)Say Anything is another one of my favorite groups. They are a punk-flavored alt rock group with a really different sound and style. Like Randy Newman, Say Anything front man Max Bemis isn’t afraid of seeming a bit crazy through his irony and witty, dark lyrics. Unlike Randy Newman, Bemis actually is crazy with several stints in mental institutions earlier in his career.  This brings a pretty interesting perspective to his writing. Despite being mostly single for years now, for some reason their tune “Shiksa (Girlfriend)” has remained an anthem and favorite of mine.


Shannon Foxx

  1. Shriekback – NemesisThis one is a throw back to the goth days! And it happens to be on my list of top 5 songs in my life!
  2. Peter Schilling – A Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)Another throw back! I think he was better know for his version of Major Tom.
  3. OMD – If You Leave. Ahhh.. the good ol’ days.
  4. Nickelback – Next Contestant. This happened to be my theme song when I worked as a bartender in Cincinnati, OH. Love it!
  5. N Sync – Bye Bye Bye. Sad but true! I do love my boy bands!!
  6. Murray Head – One Night in Bangcok. This is another rare treasure and is actually written off the Broadway musical! It also resides in my top 5 list.
  7. PIG – Serial Killer ThrillerDark and dangerous.. think goth meets heavy metal.
  8. Poison – Fallen Angel. You cannot go wrong with the 80’s hair bands, and Poison was one of the best!!
  9. The Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI) – Dance of the Mad Bastards. I saw these guys years ago. They were the opening band for Jesus Jones.  Lord but I am getting old! It’s more of a ‘punk’ theme music.
  10. Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK. If you have never heard this song.. or even of it.. you need to seriously rethink how much you love music! Punk all the way!!!

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