No matter how picky you think you are when it comes to dating, you can't possibly compare to this guy.

Gilbert Herrick of Rochester, New York has spent his entire life searching for the right woman to lock him down, and he's finally discovered her . . . at AGE 99.

Gilbert lives in a nursing home, where he spotted some hand-painted china and asked who made it.  The staff introduced him to the artist, an 86-year-old resident named Virginia Hartman.

They started talking.  And after almost ten decades, Virginia was finally the one who tamed Gilbert.

Of course, he still resisted getting married . . . he just wanted to shack up with Virginia.  But when they asked the nursing home if they could share a room, they were told only married couples can do that.

Virginia ended up proposing to Gilbert . . . that's right . . . and he accepted.  While Gilbert has never been married, this is Virginia's second time.  Her previous husband died 25 years ago.

They were married earlier this month in front of family, friends, and the staff.

(--Here a photo of the ceremony.)