I don't know about you, but I am fascinated by by the television show "Hoarders".  In fact, my wife and I call Monday nights "Feel Better About Yourself Night" because after watching one hour of "Hoarders", and then following that up with an hour of "Intervention" on A&E we realize that even though we may have problems, they are minor compared to the people on these shows.

We also suspect that the Hoarders might just be messy, lazy, slobs.  Seriously, when you are peeing in a milk jug because your bathroom is full of God knows what, you either are mentally ill, or have a SERIOUS diversion to cleaning!

Now, 929 NIN presents a hoarder so messy... It shows up on satellite imagery!

In East San Jose, California, a local ABC station is on a MISSION to help one extreme hoarder.  How extreme?  He's hoarded so much stuff that it completely fills his yard, and you can actually see the mess on a Google Maps satellite photo. Just go to the link and put in 228 South Claremont Avenue, California, Unites States.

The guy's name is Richard Baker.  He's 58, and apparently he's been collecting stuff at his house for 40 YEARS.  And, like every other hoarder, his neighbors and family describe him as eccentric and volatile. (Or, he's just a messy, lazy, slob... Just sayin".)

Finally the ABC affiliate stepped in and started making calls, and the city is working to get him some help.  The fire marshal declared the scene unsafe, so cleanup is starting and will supposedly take two months.

And Richard is getting treatment for his mental health issues. Or, maybe someone should show him how to, oh, I don't know... PICK UP TRASH, USE A MOP, WHAT 409 IS FOR, ETC...