Wow, this is one UGLY woman. Wait... that's not a woman! It's an escaped prisoner!

This happened earlier this month in Brazil, but it just came across our radar . . . and it's great! Ronaldo Silva is a suspected drug trafficker who was locked up in Brazil.  When his wife came to visit, they worked to coordinate his brilliant escape attempt.

She gave Ronaldo HER CLOTHES.  He put on a black wig, her blue dress, her bra, lipstick, fake nails, and high heels . . . and she switched into shorts and another top she brought.  Somehow they did all this without the guards catching on.

And then, Ronaldo walked out of prison like he was a visitor.  He actually managed to get past several of the guards AND some cops patrolling on the street.  He got to the nearest bus station before one cop became suspicious.

What tipped him off?  He noticed the "woman" was having a hell of a time walking in the high heels.  When he got closer, he figured out the woman was a man.  Ronaldo is now back in prison.