Roburt Sallie was a basketball player at the University of Memphis who went on to play professionally in Spain.  And he was just cut by the team after he admitted to taking a performance enhancing drug.  That drug was . . . ExtenZe, an herbal male enhancement pill.  The team was worried it would spike his testosterone level, and that would show up on drug tests.

This is a story about a professional basketball player getting cut for taking a performance enhancing drug.  But the drug doesn't enhance his skills on the court.

Roburt Sallie is a former player at the University of Memphis, and he was playing professionally for a team called C.B. Tarragona in Spain.  And he was cut after he admitted taking a drug.  That drug?  ExtenZe.

If you're not familiar with ExtenZe, you don't watch the overnight reruns of "SportsCenter".  It's an herbal supplement that promises, quote, "natural male enhancement" . . . in other words, it claims to be an over-the-counter Viagra.

Roburt was cut because the team believed the pills would increase his testosterone, and that could show up on a drug test.

Oh, and also because he apparently was a bad teammate who never showered with his team after practices and games.  That too.  But mostly the peen enhancement thing.