A weatherman for the Channel 16 news in Scranton named Joe Snedeker launched into a weird rant about his co-workers on Wednesday.  Apparently a few viewers had emailed in because they're sick of him saying how nice it's been to have a mild winter.

And while he was explaining how everyone's different, for some reason he pointed to one of the anchors and said,  "I like Mindi.  Maybe off-screen I don't.  Maybe I have other colleagues here I don't like.  It's okay." Adding, "Do you like everyone at YOUR workplace?  No."

“It’s OK,” Snedeker kept saying in an almost whisper, as if to convince himself disclosing his dislike of colleagues was, in fact, acceptable or possibly he was just trying to quiet the storm brewing in his head.

Cloudy with a chance of bat-turds crazy.