Forbes magazine, taking into account actors' pay versus the returns on their films, has named 'Grown Ups 2' star Adam Sandler the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.

Forbes magazine compiled their list of the Top Ten Most Overpaid Actors In Hollywood, calculating an average return of each dollar paid to a film’s star.  According to Forbes,

Hollywood pays its biggest stars millions of dollar per film. Some are worth the money. Based on their last three projects, these 10 stars are not. We used data gathered from our Celebrity 100 research and Box Office Mojo to calculate how much, on average, each star's last three films earned at the box office per dollar of pay. Think of it like a star return on investment number.

In the case of Sandler, who has made upwards of $15 million per film, his average return came back the worst at only $3.40, after flops like ‘Jack & Jill’ and ‘That’s My Boy’.  The window for this list closed just before Sandler’s critically panned but financially successful ‘Grown Ups 2’, and is just a comparison of pay vs. returns, not taking into account immeasurable assets an actor brings to the table, such as name recognition and general prestige.  The entire list is as follows,

  1. Adam Sandler – Average return of $3.40
  2. Katherine Heigl – Average return of $3.50
  3. Reese Witherspoon – Average return of $3.90
  4. Nicholas Cage – Average return of $6
  5. Kevin James – Average return of $6.10
  6. Denzel Washington – Average return of $8.30
  7. Steve Carell – Average return of $10
  8. Jennifer Aniston – Average return of $10.60
  9. Matt Damon – Average return of $10.60
  10. Ryan Reynolds – Average return of $10.70