The country has gone unicorn crazy the past month. Parkway Grill got caught up in this now and I had to try it out. 

Looks like this unicorn trend started right here in Wichita Falls. Local coffee shop Frank and Joe's claims they invented the unicorn shake. Which is true, they had it way before Starbucks. Starbucks popularized the shake though, taking it nationwide. Starbucks no longer has the unicorn shake, but it is still available at Frank and Joe's.

Parkway Grill has their own version of the unicorn shake now and it has alcohol. Sign me up! It was exactly what I expected it to be. Super sweet, with a hint of some sugary alcohol deliciousness. Definitely worth a try if they keep this thing on the menu.

Unicorn Burger at Parkway Grill (credit: Parkway Grill via

Now the unicorn burger. Yes, they actually made a unicorn burger. Don't be expecting unicorn meat. It's your standard Parkway Grill burger, but your cheese is tri-colored. It also comes with a chocolate pretzel rod with rainbow sprinkles on it. I'll be honest, skip the pretzel rod. Just enjoy that delicious Parkway Grill burger. It may look weird, but it still tastes amazing like it always does.

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