When the weather is cold and snowy, there are no words more exciting to kids than “school is cancelled.” Most schools make a blanket announcement that makes the rounds through phone calls, on television, the Internet, and social media, but one school in Kentucky took their announcement one step further. The administrators of Boone County Schools came up with a unique way to get their message out when calling parents – a parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The reason for their message was fairly simple:

We like to have fun at our school. So, after several school closings due to snow and cold, we recorded this call to parents to see if we could make them laugh. I think we succeeded. Boone County Schools in Kentucky is one of the nation's finest. And, our awesome parents deserve this chuckle. By the way, if this video can gain us some exposure, AND you know of someone willing to help us out with some cash for technology, we DESPERATELY need it. Ellen? Rosie? Oprah? Jimmy Kimmel? We love our jobs - I hope you can tell!

Whether they’ll get their cash for technology remains to be seen, but the video is certainly making the rounds and they’ve caught the attention of the web.