As much as we love going on dates, they can get really expensive over time! Well here are some of our top ten affordable date ideas!

  • 1

    Copy Cat Cooking?

    Yes, cooking. Not just any cooking though, copy cat cooking! Go to or and try to copy a five star meal together!

    Flickr user thoughtfuldev
  • 2

    Win Big Or Go Home!

    Head to WinStar World Casino with only $20. Hopefully you'll win big, but if you don't there's usually a concert or event going on, plus tons of bright lights to walk around and enjoy. Not old enough? Go to the Plex! See how many tickets you can get with just $20! I'm sure you'll go home with at least a spider ring and some happy memories!

    Flickr user AGrinberg
  • 3

    Ice Ice Baby?

    Try ice skating at the Colesium. Not open yet? Well there is always rollerskating at Skate Whirl!

    Flickr user Thomas Hawk
  • 4

    Belt It Out!

  • 5

    Reverse Date?

    Reverse your date! Instead of going out to dinner and a movie, go out to breakfast and a movie in the afternoon for the matinee price!

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  • 6

    Treasure Hunting!

    One man's trash is another man's treasure! There's a lot of good things thrown away these days, so grab your date and start looking for buried treasure!

    Flickr user brandonedens
  • 7

    Board Games?

    Bored games or so ancient these days, that they're fun again! Try a game of "Guess Who?" or "Life" with your date. I promise they are just as fun now as they were when you were a kid!

    Flickr user Patrick Q
  • 8

    Mario Date Kart!

    Dust off your Nintendo 64 or Wii and go in a head to head competition with your date! Winner gets a foot rub!

    Flickr user dubh
  • 9

    Who Are You Looking At?

    People watching is always fun and cheap. I suggest wearing sunglasses, that way people won't know that you're staring at them!

    Flickr user lightfran
  • 10

    Flower Power!