No joke, this video contains a peeping tom, a kidnap van, a 12-year-old having her drink spiked and hallucinating, and cannibalism.

It was just a month ago when Alison Gold made headlines with her song ‘Chinese Food’ from ARK Music Factory, the same crew behind the musical abomination that is Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.  Now, 12-year-old Gold is already back with her latest single ‘ABCDEFG’, the pinnacle of musical writing where Gold sings the alphabet and pre-teen problems.  I’d like to speculate what music atrocity is next up for Gold and ARK Music Factory, but I fear that whatever crazy idea I come up with will just pale in comparison to what they actually do.  Also, this video is just weird.  The producer acts as the Mister Rogers character, watching Gold through her window and telling her to get into a creepy van.  Also, notice how she goes to a party where her drink gets spiked and she starts tripping.

Watch Alison Gold's 'ABCDEFG' Video: