You hear that?  That's the death of music.

From the musical war criminals who wrote and produced Rebecca Black's "Friday" comes the much awaited anthem "Chinese Food" by Alison Gold!

The latest music video from PMW Live joins the ranks of other classics like Nicole Westbrook's 'Thanksgiving' and Double Take's 'Hot Problems', mediocre songs and video starring aspiring young singers that are so terrible they become viral hits. PMW Live's website states their intention as,

A Great Platform for undiscovered talent to get the recognition they deserve by increasing demand and providing a NON-Exclusive Management deal which consist of Social Media, Song Creation, Music Video Creation, Record Label and Music Distribution. Finally EXPOSURE!!!

While it was easy to jump on the bandwagon and make fun of Rebecca Black for "Friday", we all hoped she would be an isolated incident. Unfortunately, the attention around Black's terrible auto-tuned song seemed to be enough for this to become a trend, paying to have this company write a song and produce a video for your child (Black's mother reportedly paid $4,000 for "Friday").

At the end, I feel terrible for Alison Gold, a young girl who wishes to be a singer and who will now be unrelentingly bashed on the internet for a terrible song and video that she probably had no control over.

And why are there subtitles of rotating various languages in this video?

Watch Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food' Music Video: