News/Talk 1290 has received several calls from parents of Rider High School students who say they’ve opted to keep their kids at home today.  Their actions come in response to recent large scale fights in the hallways  and threats of gang violence at Rider that have led to the removal of several students.

The recent school violence is allegedly connected to the murder of a Wichita Falls store owner.  Dr. George Kazanas could not confirm such a connection but said authorities are continuing to investigate.  He says operations at the school today are “as normal”.  Dr. Kazanas said the district was alerted to messages posted on a social media website about a possible gang or drive-by shooting at the school today, but there have been no such incidents occur as of 10 am.

He says the source of that threat is being investigated by both the districts police chief, Bill Horton and the WFPD, however he could not confirm that the threat did in fact come from a Rider student.  Officials are also looking into vandalism at the school.  Graffiti was found on some of the schools doors that reportedly is gang related.