Let's be honest, this would have rivaled M*A*S*H as the greatest series finale of all time.

In what many consider to be a perfect television show, the series finale of Breaking Bad ended on a high note, widely thought to be a fitting end to the series. Leading up to the finale, many jokes passed around the internet about the impending end to the series, several of which reference Bryan Cranston's previous series, Malcolm In The Middle, such as Walter White surviving, his cancer going into full remission, and then going into Witness Protection, only for it to be a lead in to the events of Malcolm In The Middle.

This short with Crantson and his Malcolm In The Middle wife Jane Kaczmarek is an obvious parody of the series finale of Newhart, where Bob Newhart gets knocked out and wakes up on his previous series, The Bob Newhart Show, revealing Newhart to be a dream.  Other well-known swerves in television finales include the finale episode of Roseanne showing the entire series to be a book Roseanne wrote, chronicling her family life and changing aspects she didn’t like, and St. Elsewhere where the entire series is revealed to be in the mind of an autistic child and his snow globe.  An ending like this, though just a joke, would definitely be a memorable one, but not a good one, making the entire impressive run of the series nothing more than a set up for a final joke.