Look at all those dominoes! It had to have taken days if not weeks to set this entire thing up, even for a 'professional' domino deploy-er, if that is a real thing. The group in the video go by the name Sinners Domino Entertainment(SDE), so you know this probably isn't the first time they've attempted such a amazing feat.They managed to set at least one world record for the most dominoes toppled in a spiral - 55,555, during this particular outing.

SDE is a German based group and I have a feeling their website would be pretty cool if it wasn't completely in German, a language I don't speak. Now you may be thinking this is all fake but there's no way. You know this group is the real deal because as you watch the video you can see several of their set ups not work out, although nothing stops the dominoes from flowing. Altogether, the group set up 277,275 dominoes of which 272,297 toppled over. Still pretty amazing even if they missed a few thousand.