Two weeks ago, a six-year-old miniature poodle named Suzie dug her way out of her owners' yard in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and did what we're all afraid our dogs would do in that situation she ran straight into traffic because apparently all dogs have a suicide wish.

A driver saw her in the street and swerved.  He thought he'd missed her so he kept driving . . . but he hadn't.  Somehow, Suzie had gotten stuck in his car's grill.  And she hung on as he drove 50 miles-an-hour, for 11 miles! Finally, when he hit East Providence, Rhode Island, someone flagged him down and pointed out that there was a dog clinging to the front of his car.  That's when he turned the dog over to the police.

Suzie's owners were looking for her . . . but they were looking in Rehoboth, not in Rhode Island.  Then, this week, the local news ran the dog's photo.  One of the owners' friends saw it and told them. The owners and Suzie were just reunited.  Amazingly, Suzie didn't suffer any broken bones, she just has a mild concussion and lost a tooth. Watch the news video below: