American Eagle has announced a new line they’re working on called “American Beagle.” The line is designed for canines and places your furry friend in trendy clothing that you might wear yourself. In their “Dogumentary,” the story of how the line came about is told, though it does seem a bit cheesy and comedic. Is it all just an April Fools’ joke? The Internet seems to think so.

The video and the American Beagle Web page state that the company is looking to raise $100,000 for the ASPCA. When customers purchase three or more items, they get 20% off their purchase and $1 from every purchase goes to the ASPCA.

It sounds like a pretty good marketing scheme to me.

The question now is when American Eagle will fess up. Will it be April 1? Will they reach their goal? Is there a chance they’re actually working on a dog line, and will Fido love his new sweater? Stay tuned.