American Idol‘ hopeful Britnee Kellogg belted out an impressive audition with ‘You’re No Good,’ fueled with passion and emotion over the personal circumstances of her divorce. She is a 27-year-old single mom with two boys, who was married to a basketball player and Britnee was putting his dreams before hers, but he decided to "pursue other women" as well which led to their divorce.  His name is Matt Conboy, and was apparently a philanderer who eventually cheated.  The show made him sound like he was an NBA player, but we did a little digging, and we think this is the guy.

But Britnee is now pursuing her dreams, with her boys in tow. She has the perfect resumé  for a show like ‘American Idol'. She was named Miss Washington Jr. Teen and also won a radio contest where she sang like Taylor Swift. She got to meet Swift, who offered her some key advice. Kellogg told The Columbian. “She basically said I need to be in Nashville and just give it everything I have and never give up.”

She said, “Every time I sing, I go to a different place, and I don’t have to think about anything else.”

Kellogg did ask judge Jennifer Lopez how she does it - being a  mom and juggling a lot of jobs and two kids, so an instant kinship formed there. Shame on her b-ball-playing ex-hubby for letting her go, but we're glad we get to have her now. She’s got a good start to becoming the next American Idol.

Watch Britnee's American Idol Audition: