Angelina Jolie's Oscar Pose... You know the one... The one where her right leg is playing peek-a-boo from underneath her full-length Versace gown last Sunday night has been dubbed "The Pose Heard Around The World". Never mind that she looks like Washington crossing the Delaware, she ROCKED it, right? Also, you know you've tried the pose on yourself... haven't you! Well, we certainly got our "Angelegging" (That's now a word, by the way) ALL the way on here at the Townsquare Wichita Falls offices! OK, maybe I did chase people around and MAKE them do the pose, but that's beside the point!  Everybody looks cooler doing it!

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    Dave Diamond, AKA "Dave Jolie"

    Here's Dave Diamond, effervescent afternoon host on Lonestar 102.3 and also the production director here at Townsquare Media. You'll notice that Dave strikes the "Angelegging" pose quite naturally. I think this is because he and Angelina would be roughly the same height if Dave just had some hair. On second thought, he does kind of have a midget matador look going on.

    Chris Callaway
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    Kory King, 929 NIN Midday Personality

    If you know Kory King, then you know he is a little confused anyway. He can't help it. For instance, he works on 929 NIN , but he is sporting a Lonestar shirt. Confused... you betcha'! Personally, his pose did not do that much for me seeing as how he was wearing the wrong shirt and he also has some kind of goofy-looking grin on his face, almost like he is enjoying his pose too much, if you know what I mean. (Could just be gas, however).

    Chris Callaway
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    Bethany Lee, Midday Goddess on 106.3 The Buzz

    I'd like to give Bethany props! She managed to capture the glamour and poise that is the "Angelegging" and mixed it with just a dash of dime-store hooker! No, I'm just kidding, girl! This pose can make ANYONE look better provided the poser takes it seriously. Amateurs need not attempt. This photo proves Bethany is a PRO, and in more ways than one!

    Chris Callaway
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    Samantha Cole, Senior Account Representative

    Next we have Samantha Cole, our Townsquare Media Senior account representative for the Texoma area. Notice how easy and "natural" the pose looks on her. I have seen "Sam" in action and I am pretty sure I have seen that exact same pose when she is trying to close a difficult client. In fact, I think she was harnessing the awesome power of the "Angelegging" loooooong before the Oscars rolled on Sunday night! Many a shrew business man (and some women too, I imagine) have been swayed to say "yes" under the mystifying spell of Sam's right leg!

    Chris Callaway
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    Will Goodner, Account Representative

    Ah, here we see account executive Will Goodner in action. Notice that he is trying to "man up" the pose by putting on a scowl and puffing up his chest. Unfortunately, the overall effect is like Elton John trying to man up and watch some Monday Night Football. You can ask Will to strike the pose for you at the only station remotes he ever goes to... that's right. At Maximus.

    Chris Callaway
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    Trish Stewart, Townsquare Receptionist/Traffic Assistant

    Trish actually had to Google what the heck I was talking about when I cornered her and made her nervous by holding a camera and asking her to "pose" for me. Can you say awkward??? Anyway, once she saw the power of the Angelina Jolie pose, she immediately busted a move to the center of the reception area to demonstrate her skill with her right leg. Kind of a biker chick/Jolie cross here, but a good first effort.

    Chris Callaway
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    Aaron Galloway, AKA "The Love Midget", Digital Managing Editor

    Aaron is the guy that handles all the upkeep and stuff on our websites, so you would imagine that the geekiness would show through with his pose. Guess what? It DOES. I will say, however, that even true computer nerds can't ruin the majesty of the pose as evidenced above. I would like to point out, as well, that this is the exact same pose that the old Ronald McDonald's life-sized plastic figurines used to strike at McDonalds. He's just working with what God gave him folks.

    Chris Callaway
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    Bob F******, May be a senior level VP within Townsquare Media

    I cannot confirm or deny that this is one of the top guys within our radio company of Townsquare Media. With that being said, I will say that you can see how an individual with a pose this strong could conceivably work their way up into the upper echelon of management with a global media company. I'm inspired just looking at it. I'm not kidding.

    Chris Callaway
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    Thrash, Program Director/Afternoon Drive, 106.3 The Buzz

    The first time my 12 year old daughter met Johnny, she was afraid of him. So was I. The Thrashman really outdid himself with his Angelina Pose here! Notice the "Devil Horns" worked into the pose while still capturing and presenting the overall effect of being a beautiful flower showing off it sumptuous petals to the world. (???) Whatever, Rock N' Roll all night, and party everyday. Dude.

    Chris Callaway
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    Chris Callaway, 929 NIN Afternoon Personality/Program Director

    Yes, I saved the best for last! you will notice, that out of EVERYBODY I am the only one that showed off a little leg. Yes, I am cheap and easy that way. I also am not afraid to make a fool out of myself in order to promote the radio station. I think I captured the overall effect of Angelina's pose, and I also have bigger boobs so it's a win-win!!!

    Aaron Galloway