It’s easy to become addicted to the game Angry Birds. I know people who intentionally won’t play because they know they’ll spend far too much time throwing birds at pigs and won’t get their daily tasks done. For those of us who embrace our addiction, we can rejoice! Rovio is coming out with a sequel to the popular game, and it’s being called Bad Piggies.

Users can download the game on September 27th for just 99 cents, and instead of throwing pigs around, users will be creating vehicles and tools that get pigs to the eggs they so desire.

If you’ve never played Angry Birds, the concept is simple. Pigs have stolen the bird eggs, which the birds then want back. To get them, you slingshot a bird at whatever structure the pigs are hanging out on, knocking them down and killing them. Different birds have different talents, such as blowing up like a bomb to becoming three missiles instead of one. At the end of each episode, users see an image of some very beaten pigs and some very happy birds.

The thing is, these pigs can’t help that they’re stealing eggs. They’re hungry and if the birds are going to leave food unattended, of course it will disappear. With the new game, pig fans will get their chance to help out their beloved characters and anger the birds. Sounds like fun to me.

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