In case you haven't seen this . . . or you're male . . . Target makes deals with famous fashion designers to create reasonably priced clothing lines for their stores.  And once those clothes go on sale, people go CRAZY and buy them up immediately.

It happened again on Saturday, but with a twist.  A line from a designer named Jason WU went on sale, and as usual, countless women lined up outside of Targets across the country to get his stuff.

In most cities, they could.  But at one store in midtown Miami, they couldn't.

That's because ONE couple, who were first in line, bought up EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the Jason Wu line in the store, for $7,000.  Their plan is to resell everything . . . the guy even told people they could, quote, "buy it off him outside."

When people complained, the management told them that Target's corporate office doesn't let them restrict what customers can and can't buy . . . so the couple was allowed to buy everything. Check out the video of this couples exploits, below.


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