Rays pitcher Alex Cobb joined a rapidly growing fraternity of MLB pitchers who have been hit in the head by a line drive. Thankfully, Cobb, who was hit on Saturday night after delivering a pitch to KC Royal's 1st basemen Eric Hosmer, is reportedly doing well. He supposedly suffered only a mild concussion and was feeling well enough to tweet on Sunday morning.

Cobb is not the first pitcher to be struck in the head by a "comebacker" this year. J.A. Happ, a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays was struck in the head earlier in the season and received a fractured skull. There were also two pitchers struck in the head in the 2012 season, Brandon McCarthy, who is still suffering after affects from the head injury he sustained, was struck in the head last year and had to have surgery to repair a hemmorrage that had been caused by the ball.

So what is baseball to do? That is the multi-million dollar question. And its a controversial one. Baseball is not known for being particularly proactive when it comes to change of any kind. It still BARELY uses instant replay. In fact baseball only began requiring batting helmets in 1956, this a full 36 years after a player named Ray Chapman was struck by a pitch and died shortly after.

Players are even torn on what needs to be done. Some are willing to wear helmets, such as Colorado Rockies pitcher Jorge De La Rosa says he wouldn't have a problem with wearing a protective helmet while he pitched. "It wouldn't be hard for me," De La Rosa said. "To protect against those kinds of things, it's good for us." C.J. Wilson, of the L.A. Angels disagrees with the necessity, 'You know the risks,' Angels lefty C.J. Wilson said. "Guys get hurt crashing into fences. Guys get hurt tripping over first base and blowing their knee out. This is professional sports, and we are paid well to take those risks."

One thing is for certain  the game itself is not going to change. Rangers skipper Ron Washington comments on that.Wash says,  "What can you do?" Tell hitters not to hit it back up the middle?"  Watch the video of Cobb getting hit and weigh in for yourself by leaving a comment.