First the Octomom turns to porn, then the child-tanning mom puts her weathered mug all over TV, and now this! The Mother of the Year race is truly heating up with no clear front-runner.

We have to ask the question, what the heck is wrong with this woman?  Last week, a cop in Aurora, Colorado pulled over a woman for making an illegal left turn.  When he looked in the car, he saw something shocking. There was a car seat in the back, with a gas can strapped into it using the seat belt.  Meanwhile a young child was sitting NEXT to the gas can and the car seat in a diaper, but he wasn't in a car seat or wearing a seat belt.

The driver wasn't wearing her seat belt either, and a 14-year-old passenger in the front seat also wasn't wearing hers.

The cop asked the woman why her child was unrestrained in the back.  She said,  "he unbuckles and buckles his seat belt by himself all the time."  The cop responded,  "And then buckles in the gas canister?"  She didn't respond.

She was ticketed for an illegal turn, two seat belt violations, and a car seat violation . . . for having a child under eight not in a car seat.  As of now, she isn't facing any child endangerment charges.