The days of wishing you could bring smell-o-vision to your phone are gone! With a new app called Hana Yakiniku (translated as “Nose Grilled Meat”), you can smell your way to food satisfaction. The app comes from a company called Scentee and claims to change the taste of food by using scent, utilizing a combination of the app and a gadget that you hook up to your phone.

Hook the gadget into your smart phone, pick a scent, take a whiff, then eat. Because smell has a lot to do with how we taste food, the app basically professes that it can trick our minds into thinking that bland foods like white rice or lettuce are much tastier than they actually are. The example shown in this video produces the smell of short ribs, beef tongue, or buttered potatoes. It becomes available just in time for the holidays on November 15, for a price of just $35.

If beef tongue isn’t quite your thing, never fear! Other scents are already available for sale, such as strawberry, lavender, cinnamon roll, coffee, apple, and coconut.

I was intrigued enough to check out the App Store to look for the app, but didn’t have any luck finding it. Instead, I was offered up titles like “Fart Hero,” “Beans,” and “Breath Checker.” The Scentee app is a genius idea, but the next step is to try it out to see if it actually works.