OK, is this the most ridiculous invention ever? they can't be serious, but they are. Welcome to Sagz Jeans.

Irese and Mark Davenport are two brothers from Newark, New Jersey with a new invention. And you can thank them whenever you see a guy's butt in public because they're sagging their jeans.

This week, the Davenport brothers released "Sagz Jeans."They're jeans with snaps that attach to special boxer shorts . . . so people can set their jeans to sag the perfect amount without worrying about their pants falling down.

That's right: They're pants that ENCOURAGE kids to sag them. How about creating some pants that encourage kids to get a job?

Dwayne Hoard is the creative director for Sagz. He says, quote, "Young folks, they will sag no matter what. What we are trying to do is offer a better alternative."

For now, Sagz are only available online. They cost $85, and that includes the pair of boxers with snaps. Extra boxers cost $25 for two pairs.

(Yahoo News)