Leave it to the University Of Texas to do a study on what makes men think certain women are easy.  So, if you think that you may be perceived that way, read on to find out what to definitely NOT do.

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    Acting and Dressing Goofy or Childish

    So, you think dressing like a sexy schoolgirl is a good idea on dates that are not October 31? Well, most guys take this as a sign that yep, you guessed it, you're easy. Whether or not you are, dressing goofy or childish equates with fantasy in guys mind's and that is dangerous territory.

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    Looking Sleepy

    I'm not sure what to make of this one. The researchers suggest that looking subconsciously, looking tired makes men think of bedtime and thus you must be ready to go. (???) Not sure I have ever thought that, but I guess the safe thing to do is drink a Red Bull or two before going out.

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    Looking Extra Drunk

    You know that old blonde joke? "What is the international blonde mating call?"... "I'm SO drunk!!!!" Yep, it's true. Why not just put on a sign that says, "Hi, I'm Stacy, and I have lost all control of my inhibitions and mind. Frankly there is a very good chance you'll get lucky!" Yep, nothing says "easy" like the drunk girl.

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    Licking Or Biting Your Lips

    Let's face it, guys tend to fixate on your mouth, otherwise the girl who can tie a cherry stem into a knot using only her mouth would not be so popular. If a guy you are talking to sees you doing this he will think you are very hungry for... love and by extension... "easy"