This Sunday the Bears destroyed the Titans 51 to 20. It is what happened after the game that has the city of Nashville talking.

Nashville wasn't quite prepared for the many Bears fans who descended on its town, as bars ran out of the beer. NBC Chicago reports that the Paradise Trailer Park Resort, just across the river from the Titans stadium, was out of bottled beer by Sunday evening. The Whiskey Bent Saloon had just two brands of beer left by the time the Chicago contingent left town.

The Chicago contingent made itself known in more than the bars. Jay Cutler, who went to Vanderbilt in Nashville and still has a home there, said it felt like a home game.

I saw highlights of this game and if you just showed me crowd shots of the game, I would have thought they were in Chicago. I know fans on the road like to enjoy some drinks after a victory. My uncle and mom were in Atlanta this past week for the Cowboys game. Unfortunately the Cowboys didn't come out of there with a win, but what can you do.