33-year-old Mark Wayne Williams of Petoskey, Michigan likes to dress up as Batman, listen to a police scanner, and show up at crime scenes.

That became a problem last week when Mark heard reports on the scanner about a car accident, where the driver who caused the crash had fled the scene. As state troopers and the K-9 unit searched the area, Mark also searched - as Batman. Yes, he was wearing his Batman costume. He told the cops later, "he just happened to be wearing his costume when he heard of the search."

The cops were furious when they saw Mark because his scent could throw off the dogs. They told him to leave, but he refused. So they arrested him for felony obstructing a police investigation which could get him two years in prison.

This is Mark's second arrest as Batman. Last year he was arrested when he was spotted on the roof of a local business, wearing his costume and carrying a baton and pepper spray. He got six months of probation.

Now every time a celebrity is arrested people make "Free Paris Hilton or Weezy" t shirts. I want to make "Free Batman" t shirts. Who's with me?