The 30th Annual Hotter N Hell Hundred is getting closer every day and this year's ride promises to be one of the best attended events in its history. Bicycles, and their riders, from all 50 states and several countries will be making their way to Wichita Falls, and they'll all need places to stay. Many of the local hotels and motels are already booked up for the weekend so the Hotter N Hell Hundred steering committee is looking for some friendly Wichita Falls ambassadors to open their doors and show a little Texas hospitality.

Being a host home can be as simple as letting a couple riders camp out on your living room carpet, or as involved as cooking for them or treating them to dinner at your favorite restaurant and showing them the sights of our fair city. You don't have to know anything about cycling, heck, you don't even need to leave the house for the whole weekend if you don't want to.

But be advised ... You just might make a lifelong friend!

Marie Libby has been in charge of finding host homes and matching them up with the right riders for several years and she's got plenty of stories about riders spending the weekend at the same host homes year after year. Some hosts and riders even exchange cards every Christmas!

One particular need this year is for large host homes that can accommodate groups of 4 to 8 riders all from the same team. Maybe the home of a large family whose kids that have grown and moved out leaving three or four bedrooms available for weekend guests. Homes that can only take in a rider or two are also needed.

The endurance ride is Saturday, August 27th, with criterium and off road events on Friday and Sunday, so riders may need accommodations for more than one night. If you'd like to be a part of the 30th annual Hotter N Hell Hundred by opening your doors as a host home, call Marie at 940.723.2741.

Dave D.