A new special feature from the Twilight Blu Ray/DVD Collection released this week shows the CGI offspring of Bella and Edward was originally to be an animatronic doll so creepy it was nicknamed Chuckesmee (a combination of Renesmee and Chucky).

As initially planned, young Renesmee Cullen was not meant to be played by an actual person, but would be a robotic doll in the tone of Chucky from Child’s Play to better facilitate the strange look of the child as described in the book.  But as you can see from the clip, the quality of the animatronic doll was so poor that it came off as unsettling, with director Bill Condon calling it a “misfire” and a “horror show”.  It is very clear to see Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie, was incredibly uncomfortable acting opposite a disturbing, heavy, and physically awkward prop.  The idea was abandoned and the Renesmee effect was achieved with a real young actress and CGI effects.

via Huffington Post