I consider myself a pretty complex, unconventional kind of girl and I got to thinking about some really great gems we have here in Wichita Falls that would make for a great, outside-the-box first date.


#5 Castaway Cove.

I'm an extremely busy, biological clock ticking, 30-something, raising two dogs...I don't have time to waste. Let's just put it all out there, slap on some sunscreen & go swimming in some urine-diluted waves for an afternoon of get-to-know-ya's.


#4 Red River Wine Festival.

This is ALWAYS such a fun event! The Bridwell comes alive with culture, class & those fun little necklace wine glass holders. If you've got a shy guy, put him in an environment filled to the brim with liquid courage and let the conversation (and Facebook photo-op) begin! Don't miss YOUR fabulous first date, April 16th.


#3 IHOP. Sunday.

6am. Just so you can see what you have to look forward to after 50 years of marriage. And because I really love breakfast food.


#2 Fat Albert's.

Because they're only closed five hours most days. This makes for one accessible location to meet up, have a drink and knock some balls around.


#1 Odds. (The Odds Bar)

Lacking self confidence? Extremely jealous? Blind date? I would highly recommend Odd's as a place for a first date. You don't have to worry about anyone of the same sex making a move on your date during a potty run. And if that blind date doesn't quite go as planned, well, who's to say which team you bat for. Plus every Saturday night they have some really great entertainment that's worth the minimal cover charge and then some!


If the top 5 didn't get your attention, here are some other unique first date ideas....

Fun Date:

Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday evening. It's just you two vs all the kids in town. Let's see who can get to the Skee-Ball machine first!


Intellectually Stimulating Date:

The Kell House Museum. If you're both born & raised here and have NO idea about how Wichita Falls became the city it is today, take a tour of the wonderfully, historically rich, Kell House. And if you are interested in more Historic sites to take your love interest, check out this Virtual Tour of Historic Wichita Falls for more ideas.


Role Play Date:

Any of the car dealerships in town. Yes I know it's your first date, but why not play like you've been together for ages and swing by a dealership to test drive a new car. I once pretended to be married during a two-hour time share presentation in exchange for free dinner & limo ride. There's lots of free activities, why not have fun with them.


Green Date:

Lucy Park. Another free place to go with the added bonus of being in the great outdoors and filling your lungs with some fresh air! You can take a walk (with or without doggies), play some Frisbee Golf, even work out using some pre-placed obstacles. Note: beware of allergens and dodgy-looking folk after sunset.


Power Date:

Northwest Texas Field & Stream Gun Range. There is nothing hotter than a guy that is trained to fire a weapon. And what could be more fun than slowly chipping apart a piece of wood, one bullet at a time? If it's your first time, consider this a free lesson in shooting. (Highly advised that you have a history with your date--ie have seen a valid ID, know his parent's names, and have not heard rumors of any mental health concerns).