“Cool” When the temperature gets on the high side of one hundred, it’s something we’re all looking for.

But where are the best places to cool off in Wichita Falls?


It’s only the middle of June and we’ve already had several days of 100 degrees or higher with no end in sight … until September. Yeah, we’re in Wichita Falls and we’re used to summers like this, but that doesn’t mean we LIKE them. We’ve all got our own ideas on where to cool off when the thermometer is in the red. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

Idea # 1: Movie theatres.


They’re almost always cooler than they need to be (I think that’s to encourage couples to cuddle!) and we’ve got two theaters in town, one from Cinemark and the other from Carmike, so you’ve got a good selection of flicks to watch. Add to that the fact that the movie companies always roll out the big blockbuster hopefuls during the summer months and you’ve got it made in the shade. You may even run into a friend or two at the show and you can critique the cinematography, special effects and acting (or lack thereof) later over a cold drink or two.





Idea #2: Someplace that serves ice creaM.


Whether you go for real ice cream, soft serve or yogurt, it all hits the spot! Seriously, what makes you feel cooler when the sidewalk is toasty enough to fry an egg than a delicious frozen concoction from Yogurt Journey, Maggie Moo’s or the old standby, Dairy Queen? Many of these shops also have monthly specials throughout the summer months.

Blizzards in June in Texas? You betcha!



Idea #3: Live Theatre.

OK, the hours of operation are a bit more limited on this one as you’re pretty much only going to find an open door on weekends, but they more than make up for that with the live aspect. Unlike a movie, which is the same every time you see it, live theatre is like life, it’s there for the moment, then it’s gone. Sometimes the special effects don’t work quite right, sometimes someone drops (or ad-libs) a line unexpectedly, sometimes someone delivers the performance of a lifetime, but no matter what, that show will never be performed exactly the same again. We’re doubly fortunate to have two live theatres in operation in Wichita Falls. Seussical The Musical (see my earlier blog about that show here) is running this month at the Wichita Theatre, and Butterflies Are Free is on stage at Backdoor Theatre. While you won’t be gawking at the latest Hollywood celebrities or whiz-bang digital effects, you will be watching your own friends on stage. And you may as well go ahead and admit it now, you always wished you had the courage to get up and be a part of a live theatre presentation yourself!


Did you know that the building Backdoor Theatre is in today used to be an ice house? Talk about “Cool”!

Both of these theatres have shows lined up all year round, so check their schedules for the comedy, mystery or musical with your name on it.




Idea #4: The public library.


What’s not to love about the Wichita Falls Public Library? It’s cool, it’s quiet, there’s internet access and it’s free! You might even learn something while you’re there. Like how much fun a good book can be on a hot summer day! In case you haven’t been to the library in a while, they have a lot more than books! You can also check out music CDs, movie DVDs and, as I mentioned before, surf the internet, all while someone else pays the A/C bill!

Idea #5: Home.

When it’s been a long hot day at the end of a long hot week, sometimes the idea of going somewhere is

just too much to handle. That’s when I kick off my Tony Lamas and fix myself a root beer float at home. When it comes to cooling off, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Those are some of my favorite ideas on the best places to cool off in Wichita Falls this summer. I’m sure you’ve got a few favorites of your own, too. Go ahead and post them below so we can all share the “Coooooooooooool”.


Dave D.