Finally, the heat of the summer is coming to an end. Now we can get in the autumn spirit with leaf gazing! I've located some of the best places in Wichita Falls to see leaves change!

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    Lucy Park

    Lucy Park would have to be my number one option to see leaves change in Wichita Falls. There are miles of concrete paths where you can walk through areas surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves.

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    The hilly neighborhood in Tanglewood, which is right off of Seymour Highway, is also a great place to see leaves change. The hilly roads around the area allow you too see for miles of gorgeous autumn trees.

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    Sikes Estates

    The nice older homes in Sikes Estates have huge trees that canopy over the streets. This is an ideal place to see the leaves changing and to get some shade while leaf gazing.

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    The Country Club

    The neighborhoods by the Country Club are a great area to see leaves change. It's also a great area to visit for Christmas lights too! They have tons of huge trees to see leaves change.

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