With the scorching 100+ degree weather we have had here in Wichita Falls as of late, its only habitual for the need to wet our whistles. I don’t know about you, but when it come to cooling off I reach for the coldest of cold beers. With all the great places to “belly up” here in the Falls, Id much rather have one of my many favorite bartenders grab a cold one for me. Sit back and strap on your seat belt, I’m gonna take you on a ride with some of the hottest and best bartenders through out Wichita Falls.

So lets face it, if you have been to enough bars, you should know that there are drop dead gorgeous waitress who will serve you beer all night with a shitty attitude. You should also know that there are a lot of waitresses, though not easy on the eyes, that make even the hottest shots of whiskey go down smooth. Ive tried to blend the best of both worlds into my top 5 bartenders in Wichita Falls.


With a perfect blend of club scene and bar scene, The Mix is Wichita Falls newest attraction. Its attached on to Maximus’s Gentlemen’s Club but its totally separate from the strip joint if the “flops’ aren’t your thing. They have a full waitstaff  ready to quench your thirst!  With a upstairs bar, downstairs bar, and a patio, there is a lot of area to cover and these lovely ladies are waiting and willing. They even have a bottle service! Drink heavy and make bad decisions.




Fast Eddy’s has been around for a long time, under other names in the past, and has stood out as one of the most authentic and true to form pool halls in Wichita Falls. I love to shoot some pool and with regulation sized tables, only 1 other bar in town has them, I find myself in there quite often. So often in fact, all the people in there know me by name. There’s another reason why I keep coming back for more, I can NEVER empty my glass. They have an amazing group of staff that keeps the “towers’ flowing  and my girl, Bri is the only one in town who can make a “Turtle Bomb!’ I need not say much more than it has 14 different liquors in it and it will send ya spinning. Stop in a see why Fast Edwards gets my number 4 pick.



True to its Irish roots, Danny Ahern has made the Iron Horse Pub a staple in the community. You come in and are instantly greeted by Irish charm and atmosphere. Its Wichita Falls’ premiere live music venue and brings in some awesome acts. I don’t need to lollygag here, Irish love to drink and what would a Irish bar be with out good beer and great barmaids to bring you your pints. I love all the ladies in the IHP and they are a big reason of why I make it a regular spot during my drinking binges.


Now if you have ever graced Old Town then an explanation of why they are on the list is completely useless. They have great happy hour specials, and when the sun goes down, the ladies set there phasers to kill. (Yep, I referenced Star Trek!) They have a full staff of jaw dropping ladies, whose “assets” will make you forget you spent a whole weeks pay at the bar. Gets kinda crowded at times but, again those “assets” make it worth your while.


So, I couldn’t bring myself to choose just one. Ive graced every bar in Wichita Falls and I have come to the conclusion, if you want eye candy Denim and Diamonds is where you want to be. If you want a homey type place where your mug is never empty, hit up Toby’s.

Denim and Diamonds:

The best honky tonk the Falls has to offer, bringing in some top shelf acts like Stoney Larue, Brandon Rhyder, and Randy Rogers, D&D has a large staff of overwhelming hotness who sport them ‘Daisy Dukes’ and cowboy boots. I’m not that big of a country fan, but when a hottie in nothing much but ‘dem boots and some rags brings me my beer, well music just doesn’t seem to matter much. Just find D&D on a good night and you see EXACTLY what I’m talking about.








My friends took me into Toby’s for my 21st birthday, and some random dude told me something that I will never forget, he told me “welcome home!” There was a lot of truth to that, because even though I was carried out, piss drunk, by said friends, it has become a safe haven for the likes of me. With a real laid back atmosphere, Toby’s gives out the vibe of a large loving family. Again everyone knows me by name in there and you don’t have to be a regular to get the ‘regular’ treatment. Ashley and Christine really do know how to take care of ya and its probably, in my opinion, the best treatment around.



There ya go, my top five best/hottest bartenders in Wichita Falls. Don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly damn thirsty.