My sister is moving. And she’s not moving across town. She’s moving to another state. I know this type of thing happens all of the time but our family has pretty much been in the same city my whole life. We aren’t really movers. midget wrestlingBut she and her husband are “loading up the truck and moving to Beverly.” Well, not exactly Beverly Hills, but they will be about 10 minutes away. She and her husband have been commuting between two cities for a while and she decided that it was time for the two of them to live in one city. I guess that’s understandable. That had to be her decision, right? I mean what guy that has a sweet deal like that would want to change it? To me, living in a different city than your wife would mean less opportunity to argue. Less time to have problems. But that’s coming from a divorced dude so what do I know? Anyway sis, good luck to you and Willie. Love you.

Ok, tonight is the night. Midget Wrestling III is happening at my bar. And before you yell at me for calling it that, it really is the name they call the event. So don’t get mad at me. I have done this event twice in the past and it has been pretty packed both times but maybe people are traveling or something because ticket sales are a little slower this time. Come on people…Midgets ain’t cheap!!!