I guess with all of the excitement that happened on Sunday Night that I told you about yesterday; I was very much in need of a nice calm night. And so I had one. Doctor girlfriend and I watched the Bachelorette and The Voice and then we ordered Chinese food as we popped in my Iron Man 3 DVD and watched that. I wish you guys could hear the ironmanmoan that comes out of this girl’s mouth when I tell her that we have to watch the Bachelorette. It’s a louder stronger Kardashian Growl. Probably much like the growl that Kim let out during childbirth. Why is it that I went to sleep in the movie theater watching the first Iron Man but I sat up watching this one on my couch and I never shut my eyes? Anyway, that was my nice calm night.

The next week or two will be anything but calm. We will be headed to LA for a week for the family vacation. That’s when we all live in one house, the entire show, and we live there, I think we will even do the show from there. And we are all one big, happy family. Ha, supposedly. Then as soon as I get back home, I will stay here for about 36 hours and then I leave for my real vacation. I’ll spend a week in Mexico. So, I guess I should chill here for a few days because the next two weeks are going to be crazy.