Wow, this was a different kind of Sunday afternoon. This lady came in and had a couple of drinks as she hung out with her friends. I really wasn’t paying close attention to her at first. And then I noticed she was headed out to the parking lot. So, I followed her outside and talked with her for a minute and it was pretty clear that she didn’t need to driver so I asked her for her keys. After a brief moment, she gave them to me. I guess she realized that I was right. I came back inside and I thought everything was cool. That was only the beginning.

under-arrestA few minutes later, I noticed what looked like 2 people playing around on the patio. Then I realized these 2 people weren’t kidding. She was pushing my busboy around and screaming at him. I sent 2 guys out there to break it up. She was screaming like a crazy person. Then I saw her slap my busboy. She was making no sense at all. Just calling him names and yelling at the top of her lungs. I called the cops. I didn’t want to call the cops but she was being unruly to say the least. Then, I saw her push and slap another guy. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen. The cops arrived and handcuffed her almost immediately. She didn’t have shoes on at this point. After the police cuffed her and put her in the police car, she was STILL yelling. Another cop car pulled up. The girl was kicking the windows in the squad car. The cops pulled her out and she actually bit one of the cops hard enough to make him bleed. Another cop car pulled up and that’s when they strapped her feet together. At this point, she had been yelling and screaming for 30-40 minutes as the cops tried to get reports from the people she slapped. Another cop car pulled up. At this point, people are gathering up and down the street. There were more people watching this than I had in my bar watching game 5. In fact, one dude even came in, bought a bucket of beer and took it to the patio to watch the action. Then the ambulance pulled up to look at the cops arm. They treated him and they left.

Another hour or so later and after around 5 cop cars had pulled up, the calmed her down and hauled her butt off to jail. How was your Sunday?